Looking for an cheap secure SSL certificate? Secure your website with HTTPS and build trust with your visitors
  • HTTPS + padlock in the address bar = build trust
  • More trust with your visitors = more sales, leads...
  • Helps you rank higher in Google = more visitors
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Why purchase an SSL certificate? An SSL certificate is made up of 2 components

SSL allows you to encrypt all communication between your website and your visitors. You do not use the traditional HTTP protocol, but HTTPS, with an S that stands for security!

As a result, hackers have no chance of intercepting sensitive data such as login or payment details. This is why the GDPR requires HTTPS to send personal data!

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Building trust with visitors

Establish trust and online security for your website visitors and business.

Google wants to make the web safer and a big part of that involves making sure that the sites people access via Google are secure. That's why websites using SSL have been shown to benefit from higher ranking in search results.

Choose your SSL certificate The more extended the validation, the more reliable it is
Which SSL certificate should I pick? What type of validation and how many domain names you want to secure.
Individuals and association

An SSL certificate with domain validation should do. Your visitors enjoy a secure connection, and your website is marked as secure and ranks higher in Google. The only drawback is that visitors cannot be 100% sure which organisation is behind the website.

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Companies and web stores

Domain validation is not sufficient in this case. For a commercial website, it is important that visitors can find out which company is behind the website.

So, make sure to choose an SSL certificate with organisation validation or extended validation. In this scenario, we will perform an (extensive) audit of your company and also incorporate this information into your SSL certificate.

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Single-domain SSL

A single-domain SSL secures one domain name (with and without www in front of it)

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Multi-domain SSL

Multi-domain SSL secures multiple domain names from the same owner. Ideal if you use multiple domain names for your online business. By default, three domains and/or subdomains are included, but this number can be increased.

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Wildcard SSL

A Wildcard SSL certificate secures your domain name and all its subdomains. This is the perfect option if you use many subdomains for the various sections of your website or application. The number of subdomains is unlimited.

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