FiveM™ Server Hosting

DDOS protection included
  • Your FXServer on our top of the shelf infrastructure with high-end CPUs and SSD storage to ensure low-latency and optimal running speeds

  • Use our intuitive panel to mage your game server with build in file manager, phpMyAdmin and more!

  • Your FXServer automatically installs so you can join your server within minutes of completing the purchase.

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All game hosting comes with unlimited slots - we are simply recommending specs based on the game requirements, and the expected player amount. However, you can change the specs yourself at checkout or change them anytime later on.

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Key Features Of Our FiveM™ Server Services We try to improve our game servers everyday

Free Databases

Every plan includes free MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin

Instant Setup

Our automated system will instantly setup your new server

Free Subdomain

Create a custom subdomain for your server for free

DDoS Protection

Jetstax offers all services with free DDoS proteciton. We use DDoS mitigation tools to prevent attacks.

Scale & Upgrade

You can scale the amount of CPU-cores and SSD storage to your needs or upgrade for more memory.

Add Sub-Users

Colaborate with your friends and work together

txAdmin supported
Full SFTP File Access
Instant Automated Setup
fxServer Script Installer
Steam Workshop Installer
Colour-coded Console
Automated Task Scheduling
Free Subdomain
Audit Logs
Auto-Remove Files
Git Clone & Pull
And many more!
game panel

Manage your game server service Developed In-House According To Your Needs

With our easy to use game server control panel you can manage your game server and files. Working in team is no problem. Add sub-users to your game server and assign permissions to collaborate.

Find out more about our game server panel
ddos protection

DDoS protection

Your game server is protected by our DDOS protection. We have developed our own solution to detect and filter any attacks that might harm your server.

Some examples you are protected from:

  • Plain UDP Flood
  • UDP Reflection
  • UDP Amplification
  • SYN Flood
  • SYN-ACK Flood
  • ACK Flood
  • All other Layer 7 Attacks
  • VSE Flood
  • UDP/TCP Bypass Attacks
  • ICMP Attacks
  • ICMP Fragmentation Flood
  • IP Null Attacks
  • Session Attack
  • Spoofed Session Flood

Host your server for free Earn your money back

If you open up your game server to the public you can opt in to sign up at Tebex and setup a webshop for your game server. So you can earn back your hosting costs or even make revenue. Jetstax is an official Tebex partner.

Tebex accepts worldwide payments: PayPal, Credit Card, Paysafecard and 45+ local payment methods

Jetstax can design custom templates for your webshop

Setup your webshop in minutes and start generating revenue used by the biggest game servers

Start making money
txAdmin Light
txAdmin Dark
txAdmin Supported Easy FiveM™ server management

Manage your server, resources, players and so much more with the most popular FiveM managing dashboard. It comes pre-installed and enabled with just a single click.

Server resource management

Player insights

Easy & safe server moderation