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Welcome at the start!So the project Jetstax exists already from the...

Welcome at the start!

by Tim De Smet

Posted on February 9, 2020

So the project Jetstax exists already from the beginnings of 2018 but then it has been laying just around and done nothing with it. Until the end of january 2020 i decided to bring new life to the project and finaly make something of it.

I'm happy to announce that the website of Jetstax is finaly open. We added lots of products from small to big, worked day in day out to get it in time ready and finaly we are here. At the moment we can say it is open and ready to be used.

The site will be kept up-to date. Every day we will change things and add things so that the site keeps maintained. We are still working on some pages, these pages are marked with the SOON badge and will become visible in the next coming days.

What is on our agenda? Well the next things that will be added is the out status page so if we have a maintenance or some down time you can check it out there. And the other thing is our help center with frequently asked questions so you can find answers even faster

And then by this i wish everyone a good evening and if you would have questions, feel free to aks them. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or you can join our Discord server.