Our vision

Learning in relation with others. Learning mainly happens together and in relation to others. Our courses may rely on a broad foundation of general education. In this rapidly evolving society our students will experience that their growth process is never finished. Lifelong learning is an assignment for every person who wants to help build a responsible society.


At our school we also look beyond our own 4 walls. We prepare our students for further studies. Our teachers have an enormous motivation to support the students in their choices and to make the best possible adjustments to them.



With the obtained diploma at our school you can immediately start working in the world of work. In the directions we offer, there is a huge shortage of work forces. This is a reason to choose for our school.



Every student is unique. With this idea we started a project. Co-teach is a learning method in which students work individually or in groups on assignments and thus develop them in their own way.


Steak Feast, 22 februari.

During the 35th Steak Party you can order a tender, juicy steak in four different flavors: steak nature, steak mushroom cream sauce, steak pepper cream sauce or steak...

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Technical Academy for pupils.

Are you a student from the 5th or 6th grade of primary education? Are you interested in everything that has to do with technology? Do you like to....

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Next year to a secondary school in Ghent?

Does your child make the leap to a secondary school in Ghent on 1 September 2019? Then you can register your son or daughter from 1 April (12 hours) to 26 April 2019...

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