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Dedicated hosting A server for when performance and full control is necessary. You can customize it just click on order.
Dedicated hosting Select the one that fits best for you
cpu ram disk Bandwidth price
DEDI-i7-12 intel i7 4 x 2.66 Ghz
12gb of ram2x1000GB HDD100mbps uplink /Unlimited€64.99 /monthorder
DEDI-i7-24 intel i7 6 x 3.20 Ghz
24gb of ram80 GB SSD, 2000GB HHD100mbps uplink /Unlimited€84.99 /monthorder
DEDI-i7-64 intel i7 6 x 3.20 Ghz
64gb of ram256 GB SSD, 3000GB HHD100mbps uplink /Unlimited€99.99 /monthorder
DEDI-XE-128 2 x intel Xeon E5 2 x (6 x 2.10 Ghz)
128gb of ramCustom1Gbps uplink /Unlimited€119.99 /monthorder
DEDI-XE-256 1-2 x intel Xeon E5 1-2 x (10 x 2.20 Ghz)
256gb of ramCustom1Gbps uplink /Unlimited€134.99 /monthorder


with a dedicated server you can make it just as you want. change things anytime you want and optimize it so it's the perfect end product for you.

every server in the list can be customized, click on order and change the customization settings. if you need help, just contact us.

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why us?

awesome features come with evry plan monitored 24/7 by our technical support staff..

one of the cheapest on the market

We are on of the cheapest on the market in comparison with the specifications and features you get

securely ddos protected

To keep you protected we deliver with every server free ddos protected that try to eliminate 99.9% of all ddos attack

customize them as you want

Change the server just as you like. Click on order and editor the specifications if your server